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matt ellis

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  • Practical, engaging content

        no fluff!
        no transparent advertising

  • Strategic marketing choices tailor content to your readers and goals
  • Up-to-date SEO tactics woven throughout entire piece


  • Consulting on overall content marketing strategy
  • Branding: company names, slogans, voice & tone, etc.
  • Coordinating with other sites for content exchanges


  • Revisions and rewrites for existing content
  • Academia-level proofreading
  • Working with foreign clients on natural-sounding English

what i do

  • blog/articles
  • ebooks
  • video scripts
  • whitepapers
  • email campaigns
  • ghostwriting
  • website copy
  • social media posts
  • interviews
  • press releases
  • infographics
  • brand names
  • brand slogans
  • product names
  • product descriptions
  • product reviews
  • copy editing
  • proofreading
  • SEO research

For over a decade, I've been writing professionally for a variety of different companies and industries. I pride myself on my versatility, ranging from website copy about financial services, to funny blogs about stuffed animals.

After growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania, I graduated from New York University in 2005 with a degree in creative writing.
I got my start writing for print journalism and copy editing for companies like Viacom, The Princeton Review, and Radar Online (then OK! Magazine).


In 2010, after a couple years teaching English in Milan, I decided to focus exclusively on web writing and online content. That's when I learned the ins and outs of SEO and content marketing. Since then, I've been honing and updating my skills as a content writer so I can continue to offer my clients the very best.

I bring my energy, experience, and expertise to all my new projects. Let me help you improve your traffic and engagement.


Matt Ellis Content Writer


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